last Saturday I went to Hualien


This is a very special trip because the classmates were from just a general class. In NTU, most people like the general class(通識課) that doesn’t need too much homework or something else. However, this class is very special. It requires a lot. We spent so much time finishing the assignment together. We need to discuss so many solution of the issue. As a result, the classmates in my group have a great passion to each other, so one of my classmates designed this trip for us to get together to know each other deeper.

It’s a pity that only 4 member to go to the trip. But I think it’s OK because I don’t like too many people. first of all, if there’s too many people going on a trip, there’s little chance for me to interact with every one of them. second, there’s fewer opportunities for me to express my thoughts. On the train, my friend who majors in agriculture economics and I talked about Jing yong and Golong a lot.

We arrived in Hualien at 8 and we rent motorcycle. The boss is one of my classmate’s relative and she gave us a good bargain. We lived in my classmate’s house, so we get to his house later to put down our luggage. Then, we went to the nightmarket! It’s a lot of fun there. there were many people. we order a snack and we had to wait for 1 hour. we can imagine how many people there. We ate a kind of fried bread that the filling was stir-fry chicken(棺材版) , stinky tofu. And only I ate a palm-size oyster. it’s tasty. later we went to another nightmarket and there were lots of game here. I just take one game as an example. We played archery and the boss was an aborigine. After we finished playing, we discussed the technique with boss and the boss generously tought us and let us play many times. i was really impressed. Because we wanted to see the sun rise, we got bad early.

Tomorrow morning at 4 am, we rode motorcycle to go to the beach. We sat on the beach and looked at the sea and the sky. Gradually, the sky became brighter and reder. The star was disappearing. Suddenly we saw a bright yellow ball rise from the horizon and finally was up the horizon line. It’s fantastic. the sea, the mountain, and the sun.

It’s morning but we went to have more sleep in my friend’s house. At around 11 we woke up and had lunch with my friend’s family. They are very friendly. And my friend let us see the image of his childhood in the beach. He’s really cute. After finishing the meal, we accompanied one to buy trousers and ate something cold. This really freshed my mind. 

After a long  way to the south, we arrived at my friend’s grandparents’ house. Later we went to sugar plant to eat some ice cream. I ordered a very simple ice stick. It consists some sugar and seasoning. later we walked around buying some wine and my friend said that he used to live here and he took us to see the surrounding. it’s time to leave, but we happened to see a car that is dragged by cattle. We paid the fee to take the car to go around. In the way, we witnessed a cattle excreting. It’s amazing to see that though it is disgusting. The cattle is very good at pulling the car. it had a good sense of direction.

That night, we went to a restaurant far away, having dinner with other group. The guide of that group is my friend’s friend. Because they also went to Hualien, they wanted to dwell in my friend’s house. We had a great dinner. The food was unusual. It consist many kinds of vegetable. It’s really fresh, though it’s a little bitter. The fish was plaster with salt in the surface and it was delicious without doubt. As we got to our where we lived, we took a bath first. Later some of our member played card game and I also joined them. It’s my first time to play this and I won in the end. We had to get up early to go to the place where we would row the boat, so we all went to bed pretty early.

On the next day, we rode motorcycle to the south to reach the location. After a brief instruction about rowing, we were on the way. Rowing really requires much strength, but I really enjoyed myself. That night, we have BBQ, and because I was exhausted, I got to sleep early.

The next day and it’s the last day of our trip, we went to the beach. In the way we pass through a mountain and rode along the beach. We stopped in a lido and had some interesting conversation in a pavilion. I really enjoyed the beautiful scene and the vast sea. It really gave me some food for thoughts. In the end, we rushed to Hualien urban district to see my friend’s high school and listen to some anecdote about the school. It was about to leave and we rushed to train station again and went to Taipei.

This is a really meaningful trip. These members have work together in a semester and they did teach me a lot. I like these kinds of members and would like to travel with them.  It is really luck for me to encounter these people.

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    第一段前半段看不太懂= =
    你所謂的general class是指甚麼? 又是需要甚麼requirement?

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    “last saturday i went to Hualien”

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